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Frank McKinney is President and CEO of MOJO Consulting, LLC and has held C-Level Sales & Marketing roles in both private equity & public companies including: Ford Motor Company, Sunrise Medical, Kinetic Concepts, Kimball International, Fortune Brands, Bank of America's Venture Group, Tri-anim Health Services & Viant Medical.


His consulting practice specializes in Recruiting/Hiring & Training ISR's (Independent Sales Representatives & Distributors (U.S. & Worldwide), M & A Advice and Strategic Planning/Development, Execution & Review.


Frank is also an Expert Witness in Sales Representative Contracts, Compensation, Distribution (U.S. and Worldwide) and Pricing. He is an active member of the Business Navigators/formerly CEO Netweavers & Dallas Business Club, both of which a altruistic networking groups.  












Maximize Opportunities and Justify Options, that's MOJO Consulting LLC


MOJO provides companies professional assistance to effectively Plan and fully Develop both Current & Target Markets & Grow Revenues in Private Equity, Healthcare, Automotive/Retail, Tax Services and Signage.


We assist our clients to Maximize Opportunities and Justify Options (MOJO) in today's highly competitive marketplace.


We will identify your Key Challenges, Resolve Obstacles & Plan for current & future growth (Revenues, EBITDA & Arbitrage).


We Think Outside the Box to assist in growing your business. Please surf our site for MOJO Services & email or call us @ (903)-520-0936.



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Expert Witness: Sales Contracts, Compensation, Pricing & Distribution

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