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Frank McKinney is President and CEO of MOJO Consulting, LLC and has excelled in numerous C-Level Sales & Marketing roles for both private equity & public companies including: Ford Motor Company, Sunrise Medical, Kinetic Concepts, Kimball International, Fortune Brands, Bank of America's Venture Group and Tri-anim Health Services.


His consulting practice specializes in Recruiting/Hiring & Training ISR's (Independent Sales Representatives & Distributors (U.S. & Worldwide), M & A Advice and Strategic Planning, Execution & Review.


Frank is also an expert witness in Sales Representative Contracts, Compensation, Distribution (U.S. and Worldwide) and Pricing. He is an active member of the Dallas Business Club, an altruistic networking group.  












Maximize Opportunities and Justify Options, that's MOJO Consulting LLC


MOJO provides your company professional assistance to effectively Plan and Develop both Current & Target Markets & Grow Revenues in Private Equity, Healthcare, Automotive/Retail, Tax Services and Signage.


We assist our clients to Maximize Opportunities and Justify Options (MOJO) in today's highly competitive marketplaces.


We will identify your Key Challenges, Resolve Obstacles & Plan for current & future growth (Revenues, EBITDA & Arbitrage).


We Think Outside the Box to assist you in growing your business. Please surf our site for MOJO Services & give us a call @ (903)-520-0936.



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Expert Witness: Sales Contracts, Compensation, Pricing & Distribution

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